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Are you someone who felt that making detox drink is tedious and time consuming? 

Someone who gets bloated stomach easily after meals?

Someone who is afraid of having frequent toilet trips due to consuming detox products?

A pregnant mummy who is experiencing constipation during pregnancy journey? A mummy wanting to get back in shape after giving birth and yet is breastfeeding your baby?

Or maybe, someone out there who is searching for a detox drink that is suitable for your health condition?

Look no further as Flush it Honey could be the solution to your concerns.

A mixed botanical honey ginger lemon beverage consisting of active ingredients like aloe vera extract, broccoli extract and inulin which are known to
🍯 flush those unwanted accumulated toxin out from our body
🍯 reduce stomach bloating
🍯 and even to improve our digestive system.

You'll love how delicious and yummy Flush it Honey is till the very last drop! Best of all, you don't even have to worry about countless toilet trips from consuming Flush it Honey. 

And as the saying goes, "A cleaner inside leads to a healthier outside." 

R.O water, Honey, Ginger powder, Lemon extract, Cucumber powder, Aloe vera extract, Vitamin C, Broccoli extract, Soluble corn fiber, Citric acid, inulin

Additional information
10 pouches in a box for 10x consumption. Each pouch is 30ml.

How to consume
1. Consume 1 pouch per day either in the morning or night.
2. Detoxing process generally takes place between 8 - 10 hours after consuming Flush it Honey.
3. Consuming Flush it Honey while using calming cream provide effective results in losing those inches around our tummy too. 

Who is it for
✔️ Women (even during your menstruation cycle) and men aged 13 and above.

✔️ Pregnant mummies in their 4th month of pregnancy (120 days and above)

✔️ Breastfeeding mummies and mummies on confinement 

✔️Those with medical condition like diabetic and high blood pressure. But it is always advisable to seek doctor's consultation for confirmation and assurance