Cinta Belleza

Cinta Belleza started with me being just a customer to the products we are currently selling. Pregnancy is usually the best time for all woman but not me. I have a very bad breakout, I gained 20kg and it just makes my self-esteem goes down the drain. After trying several products which I bought at jb jamu shop, I almost gave up! But not till my sis in law recommend me with a product which I am only able to get online! Yes, it's exclusively online only.

And from that very product, I start up Cinta Belleza. A platform which you can get the only exclusive product. A platform which will help you boost your self-esteem with a product you can’t get it at any retailers. In Cinta Belleza, we believe in trying the new products first before launching them. This is so that our customers will get nothing but the best products on our platform ❤