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Tara Juice is a Botanical beverage specially for women. It is packed in a portable sachet so that you can taste it's deliciousness straight from the pack. The pomegranate flavoured modern jamu juice helps to elevate a woman's inner wellness and promises to help bring back that unforgettable magic of your first night. 


- Pomegranate
- Fingerroot
- Acacia Catechu
- Honey
- Prune
- Dates
- Cranberry
- Tumeric
- Shatavari
- Piper Betle
- Galangal
- Aleppo Oak

- Reinstates a woman's inner and outer energy
- Tightens and aids in a healthier Miss V
- Strengthens your immunisation system and prevents diseases
- Eliminates menstrual cramps
- Helps to regulate menstrual cycles
- Helps in attaining translucent and youthful skin
- Eliminates excessive white discharge
- Balances hormonal system and encourages smooth bloodflow
- Rids of bacteria/fungus
- Strengthens vaginal muscles

Suitable for single & married women
Suitable for teenage girls
Suitable for women in menopause